From idea to on-site implementation

– You can count on our support

Competence, experience, flexibility, speed and manageable costs are the reasons why many companies outsource their engineering activities. As an accredited engineering company, we offer comprehensive technical services to our customers in various industries:

Advisory / Consultation

Your requirements and wishes are the starting point of all our endeavours. Together with you, we analyse the situation and work out the optimal solution for you. We support you with:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Cost analyses
  • Alternative analyses
  • Optimisation and adaptation

Development and concepts

We define goals, generate ideas and concepts that meet your requirements and achieve your success. With lots of experience, creativity and passion: 

  • Goal definition
  • Idea search
  • Concept development 
  • Options for different markets and requirements 
  • Analyses of possible influences of the existing problem 

Technical calculations

Expertise and experience combined with the latest software and calculation methods deliver precise results and prognoses. In steel and glass construction, we calculate the statics, dynamics, service life, thermal load for existing products or those that are in the planning stage.

  • Statics for steel and aluminum structures
  • Static calculations of glazing in connection with steel and aluminum structures
  • Calculation of dynamic processes and design of cycle times
  • Calculation of the service life / permissible work cycles
  • Effects of thermal loads
  • Minimization of material and processing costs through structure and weight optimization

Design and drawings

From drafts, 3D-drawings, calculations, bill of material, documentation, manufacturing or assembly drawings - you get everything you need to implement your solutions:

  • Design of complete products, sub-assemblies and detailed components 
  • Calculations and analyses
  • Manufacturing drawings
  • Bills of material, spare part lists 
  • Documentation
  • Multilingual drawings and documents

Project management

Equipped with technical know-how, decades of project experience and cross cultural competence, we can help you plan and realise your projects - domestic or international.

  • Internal, development or customer specific projects 
  • Planning, leading, executing and steering of projects 
  • Preparation of all project presentations and documents
  • Representing you at government offices, suppliers and partners

Safety, inspections and technical documentation

We inspect your tools, machinery and equipment according to legal requirements. Shorter outages and fewer accidents increase the safety and productivity of your facility while reducing costs.

  • Acceptance inspection before initial operation
  • Regular safety inspections 
  • Inspections followed by extraordinary events or major changes
  • If necessary, adjustments of existing equipment or new designs
  • Technical documentation according to Machinery Safety Ordinance, e.g. CE certification, declaration of conformity, risk analyses, etc.
  • Appraisals and evaluations